Inside look: Bakersfield police cracks down on illegal street racing

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Bakersfield Police Department is cracking down on illegal street racing in the southwest. 

On Saturday, authorities set up their second street racing sting in two weeks to help curb the issue. 

In the last three months there have been two deadly accidents linked to street racing in this area. 

Last night police cited 62 drivers. 25 of those were cited for adding modifications to their vehicles.

Police also impounded six cars and made two arrests. One person was arrested for driving under the influence while the other was handcuffed for not adhering to a non-op order, which means the driver continued to operate their car after they were cited during a sting, last week.

" [we want to] Stop it ultimately. To get the car enthusiasts to think of some alternative to racing on the road way or take them to a race track, but ultimately to make this activity stop," said Sergeant Joe Grubbs with the Bakersfield Police Department. 

Police surveilled racing hot spots for four hours, Saturday night. The spots included a Kohl's near Gosford Road which is notoriously known as a place racers come to show off their cars. 

"They'll meet at certain parking lots or whatever and they'll look at everybody's car, kind of like a car show type of thing. Where it runs into a problem is where they're doing illegal activity in those parking lots or worse their out on the streets street racing," Grubbs explained. 
Police said they will continue to run these stings until the racing stops. 
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