International eye charity teams up with local optometrists to give kids free eye exams and glasses

Eye charity teams up with local optometrists

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "Imagine living in a world of darkness or living in a world of blur where you can't see the chalkboard or your family members on a daily basis," said Advanced Center For Eyecare Executive Director Justin Cave.

The American Optometric Association says up to 94 percent of kids with reading problems also have problems with their vision.

Which is why on Friday, a group of eye care charities called Onesight, teamed up with the Advanced Center For Eyecare and a dozen local optometrists to bring its Vision Van to the Standard school district.

"The Standard school district has a lot of underserved children who do not have access and the ability to get glasses, frames or eye exams," said Cave.

More than 80 under or uninsured students received free eye exams and glasses.

"It's so heartwarming and is such a blessing to help these children succeed in the classroom and their life," said Cave.

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