Investigation into man accused of abusing small dog

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield man is accused of abusing a small dog and surveillance cameras captured the disturbing scene outside an apartment.

A viewer sent 23ABC the surveillance video from the incident Wednesday night. The viewer wanted to be anonymous.

The viewer told 23ABC the video shows a man kicking a small dog and then throwing the dog in the air. You can also see the dog running in circles.

An officer with the Bakersfield Police Department was called out to the apartment on Lincoln Street to investigate, but the dog was nowhere to be found.

“We weren't able to determine extent of injuries to the animal. There was a little blood in the alley way, but you couldn't tell if it number one it came from the animal and how extensive the injuries are,” said Sergeant Joe Grubbs with the Bakersfield Police Department.

Sergeant Grubbs also told 23ABC because there is no dog and the incident didn't happen in front of officers they can't file serious charges.

"Those cases are really dependent on the injuries to the animal what type of crime be it a misdemeanor or felony."

Grubbs told 23ABC that officers told the suspect if the dog returns he will be responsible for medical care.

For now the most animal control and police can do is submit the case to the District Attorney's office for a complaint against the suspect.

The investigation is ongoing.


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