Investigators say teenage gunmen appeared to be a victim of bullying

Police say teen planned shooting the night before

TAFT, Calif. -  

There are still many unanswered questions, but something authorities are saying tonight is the teenage suspect appeared to be a victim of bullying.


It's a plan authorities say the teenage gunman was already plotting.


"Our 16 year old student suspect has felt like he's been bullied for sometime by a couple of students.  Last night he planned the event that occurred today," said Sheriff Donny Youngblood.


Youngblood says the teen suspect came to school with a shot gun they believe belonged to his brother.


"We have video of him entering the school, trying to conceal the shot gun. The video shows that he was extremely nervous. He takes an entrance into the school that is not the normal entrance but ran into the side entrance," he said.


Once inside the school, the sheriff says the teenage gunman entered the classroom through the front.  He walked up to his first victim and shot him.


"Students scrambled out the back door and some ran to the back of the class.  And as that was occurring, he fired a second round at the group that was fleeing and didn't injury anyone," he said.


Some of the students in the classroom managed to barricade themselves in a storage closet while others ran out the back door.   That's when the suspect fired one more round.


"At that time the teacher, Ryan Hebert engaged him in conversation.  The campus supervisor, Kim Lee Fields showed and helped engaged him in conversation while he was holding the shot gun and for several seconds while they converse with him, I think at one point he made the statement he didn't want to shoot the teacher and ultimately he put the shot gun down," he said.


And that's when officers with the Taft Police Department and deputies with the Sheriff's Office arrived on the scene.  The suspect was then taken into custody.


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