JFK assassination 50 years ago still has an impact on local veterans

Local veterans remember JFK assassination

Even though the assassination of John F. Kennedy took place 50 years ago, many veterans in Kern County remember it like it was yesterday.
"It continued for several days, the funeral- over and over, nobody did anything," said Thomas Maddy, of American Legion Post 26.
"Everything just stopped. It seemed like nobody wanted to do anything," remembered Tony Vicana, who is retired from the U.S. Navy.
Veteran Dick Taylor recalls being in a third grade classroom when it all happened. 
"In Mrs. Gin's class at Harding Elementary here in Bakersfield, and I remember sitting in the back of the class, when our principal Mr. Johnson, came in the door, and when he came in the room that usually meant that somebody was in trouble." 
John F. Kennedy had been in Kern County just a few months before his assassination. He's the only president to visit Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake.
Thomas Maddy remembers being in San Francisco when he found out about the shooting.
"Silence and shock, and as it went on, they announced he passed on. And it was just surreal." 
 "My job as a Chip Serviceman was to barber, and I was cutting hair, when we heard it on the radio," said Tony Vicana, who is retired from the Navy, and was in Alaska during the JFK's assassination. 
Even though these three veterans were in different locations when the assassination took place, they can all agree, it's hard  to believe that 50 years have gone by.
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