Jury having trouble reaching decision in Anna Reynosa fatal crash case

The jurors in the Anna Reynosa case are having a tough time coming to an agreement on the charges involved.

At 4:05 p.m. Thursday the jury sent a note to the judge. The full content of the note is not known but said in part "what if we can't come to an agreement on gross negligence".

Public defender Ernest Hinman requested a mistrial saying the jury was deadlocked.

The judge denied the motion and said the "if" in the note indicates they are still trying.

The jury must reach a unanimous decision one way or the other on gross negligence.

If they decide Reynosa did commit gross negligence then they would convict her of the felony vehicular manslaughter. If the they decide she didn't then they would likely convict on the misdemeanor charge.  

The judge said he would give the jury a written response to their note and then send them home for the day. The jury is due back at 1:30p.m. Friday to continue deliberations.

Reynosa is accused of killing a motorcyclist while texting and driving.

Authorities said that in April 2012, Anna Reynosa  slammed her car into motorcyclist Charla Wilkins stopped at a red light.

Wilkins died as a result of the collision.

Reynosa was charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence for using her cell phone.

The defense for 22-year-old Reynosa wrapped up its closing arguments Wednesday.

Prosecutors originally offered a plea deal that would have imposed a maximum penalty of two years, but she rejected that offer.

If convicted, she could receive up to six years in prison.

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