Kaiser Permanente strike put on hold two hours before scheduled standoff

6 Bakersfield pharmacies included in negotiations

BAKERSIFELD, Calif. - Less than an hour and a half before hundreds of pharmacists were scheduled to strike, Kaiser Permanente announced the standoff would be put on hold.

Health officials emailed 23ABC with this statement, "Kaiser Permanente is pleased to announce the Guild for Professional Pharmacists has canceled a work stoppage that was to have begun today. We remain in contract negotiations with the guild and hope to come to an agreement".

Union representatives said they've already undergone 19 bargaining sessions including several this weekend.

Three years ago union organizers claim the health care company offered them higher wages in exchange for their pension benefits.

They agreed to the change because the company said other branches of the hospital would be faced with the same dilemma, but no such action was ever taken.

If the strike does move forward, Kaiser said they have arrangements with several major drug stores to refill your prescriptions.

Union representatives say that move won't just be bad for business, it could also be bad for your health.

According to officials, an outside company cannot review patients records to make sure they aren't mixing dangerous medications.


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