KCAS saves life of Jack Russell terrier mix, two puppies

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Kern County Animal Services helped save the life of a mother dog and her two puppies.

A Jack Russell Terrier mix and her two puppies were saved through emergency surgery thanks to a Good Samaritan who found Venus in a field and contacted Kern County Animal Services when she was showing signs of distress during her labor.  

The dog immediately underwent emergency surgery to save her life and hopefully the lives of her puppies.

A C-section was the course of action undertaken by Kern County Animal Services medical team.

One puppy did not make it, but the medical team was able to save two puppies, a male named Cupid and a female named Valentine.  Mom and her puppies are doing wonderfully.

Dog and puppies are doing well and will be going to a rescue to recover and eventually be adopted into a new home.

Have-a-Heart Humane Society from Tehachapi stepped forward to care for the family and help them find forever homes.


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