KCSO: Brothers arrested for having stolen copper wire

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - On August 8, employees of Sierra Recycling contacted the Kern County Sheriff's Office Rural Crime Investigation Unit regarding suspicious copper wire brought to the recycling center.

Employees at Sierra Recycling reported that 30-year-old Brian McDaniel of Bakersfield was delivering large amounts of commercial and utility grade copper wire from his business B&E Electric.

The business address was later determined to be a residence in Bakersfield. 

Sierra Recycling placed the 2,720 pounds of copper wire on a three day hold. 

Detectives from the Rural Crimes Investigation Unit responded to Sierra Recycling and found several feet of unused, large gauge copper wire. 

Detectives determined the property was stolen from a local oilfield company in the Taft area. 

On August 14 a search warrant was issued for the residence in the 800 block of S. Oleander Drive in Bakersfield. 

Detectives learned the address belonged to Brian McDaniel's brother, Eric McDaniel. 

Detectives said they located several pieces of copper wire insulation, consistent with the wire delivered to Sierra Recycling and seized additional spools of copper wire from Eric McDaniel's residence. 

Detectives said both Brian McDaniel and Eric McDaniel were arrested and booked into the Central Receiving Facility for possession of stolen property, possession of stolen property by a second hand dealer, conspiracy and burglary.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation should contact the Rural Crime Investigation Unit at (661) 392-4365.

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