KCSO: Two cited for attempting to sell unsafe food items, trespassing

WASCO, Calif. - On August 1, detectives from the Kern County Sheriff's Office Rural Crime Investigation Unit and an inspector from the Kern County Department of Environmental Health investigated complaints of trespassing and health code violations at a farming location near Wasco.

According to KCSO, farm security officers reported observing several people in personal vehicles trespassing on company property and attempting to sell food items from their vehicles to employees working in the area.

Detectives, along with a health inspector, conducted surveillance in the area and observed 22-year-old Rodrigo Lezama and 21-year-old Jesus Contreras, both of McFarland, driving their personal vehicles on the farm property in violation of posted "No Trespassing" signs.

After further investigation, the Environmental Health Inspector said Lezama and Contreras were in violation of California Food and Agricultural Code sections for selling sub-standard quality food, adulterated food and food processed by an impure product handler.

Both Lezama and Contreras were issued citations for the violations and for criminal trespassing. Over 600 pounds of unsafe food items, including homemade sea food and ice cream products, were seized during the investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation should contact the Rural Crime Investigation Unit at (661) 392-4365.

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