Keepers of the Kern clean Lake Isabella shoreline with stand-up paddle board

LAKE ISABELLA, Calif. - The Dam Tough Trash Tow up in Lake Isabella is in full swing.

More than a dozen volunteers, called trash warriors, armed with gloves and trash bags took to the shoreline and perimeter of the lake to pick up the trash someone else had left behind.

John Stallone of Mountain and River Adventures has teamed up with Keepers of the Kern for the trash pickup and fundraising event.

Stallone was on a stand-up paddle board, towing a boat around the perimeter of the lake collecting the trash the volunteers on the shoreline picked up.

"This is important because we have to say no more. We have to respect this land and train people to respect the land we are using," said Stallone.

The shoreline of Lake Isabella is about 15 miles. In the first few hours on Friday volunteers picked up stuff like fast food cups and wrappers, old tires, the base of an old boat, an anchor, hundreds of cigarette butts and bottle caps. Then they will be putting the trash in a dumpster that Thomas Refuse Service donated for free.

The mission of Keepers of the Kern is dedicated to protecting, restoring, preserving, and enriching the quality of diversity and the delicate biological environment surrounding the Kern River corridor.

The group is committed to promoting education, to monitoring and to increase awareness in order to prevent further damage to the water and the environment.

"The Kern River Valley is too beautiful to be covered with trash. It not only goes into the water but can affect animals as well. We want to tell people, pick up your trash, leave no trace,"
said Barbara Hinkey.

Volunteers will meet Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Each day they will begin at a different location.

"If you can't come out to help us you could still help us make a difference by donating funds for our cause," said Stallone.

Donations can be mailed to;
Mountain and River Adventures
P.O. box 1193
Kernville, Ca. 93228

All funds raised during the Dam Tough Trash Tow Fundraiser will go directly to Keepers of the Kern to help them continue their work in the community.   The group intends to provide more port-a-potties, trash receptacles and signage near recreation areas for all residents and guests to utilize.  

Organizers say go to Mountain and River Adventures Facebook page to get the exact location for each day for those who want to volunteer.

You can learn more about volunteering with Keepers of the Kern by visiting their Facebook page.


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