Kelley's Cafe broken into for the third time this week

Vandalism starting to hurt business


For the third time in under a week, Kelley's Cafe has been broken into. 


Earlier in the week, the two glass front doors were shattered and now last evening a large window on the front of the building was broken. 


Staff at the restaurant have now spent a few mornings sweeping and vacuuming up glass - but it is starting to cost them more than just time.


"With the boarded up windows we look like we either are abandoned or closed, you know? Business, the past week that this has all happened has been down," said Colleen Engel. "If this continues, it is going to end up putting us out of business. I need my job. We all need our jobs. They're too hard to come by right now." 


Engel, a waitress at the restaurant said that the Kern County Sheriff's Department has stopped by the cafe each time, but with little evidence to go on, no arrests have been made.  


That is why Kelley's Cafe is offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction for the crimes. They're asking that anyone with information contact the cafe or the Kern County Sheriff's Department. 


Meanwhile the cafe, located at 300 Norris Road, is gathering estimates and preparing to replace the broken doors and window. 


In late December a large side window on the cafe was shot with a gun. During that incident the gunman stole the cash register and the money in it, according to waitresses at Kelley's. They were unsure if that crime is related to this week's events.


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