Kern County Animal Control makes major changes to Mojave shelter

County looks to attract more residents to adopt

MOJAVE, Calif. - Kern County Animal Control has three locations. Their main facility is on Mount Vernon, and the others are in Lake Isabella and Mojave.

23ABC's Larissa Wohl , who volunteers at the main shelter, took a trip to the Mojave location to see the improvements being made there. 

The shelter is located in the middle of the Mojave space port, making it difficult to find and approach. Because of that, it can be hard to attract local residents to come by.

Margaret Kaler with Kern County Animal Control, said this poses a major problem for the animals needing to be rescued.

"Because the shelter is off the beaten path, it can be forgotten by the public," Kaler said.

To try and remind the community what the shelter has to offer, including licensing and micro-chipping services, officials with the shelter have hired their first full time staff employee.

Prior to this position, animal control officers would rotate their shifts, and check in on the shelter on an on-going basis.

"Having that person here makes it easier for the public to interact with on a regular basis," Kaler said.

The staff member takes care of cleaning the shelter, educating the public and working closely with the animals;  this allows the dogs to be better socialized and helps the adopters find exactly what they're looking for.

While the Mojave shelter takes in a fraction of what the Mount Vernon shelter does, in all of 2012, it adopted and rescued out 68 animals. The Mount Vernon shelter adopted and rescued out over 2,000.

Another major program the County is implementing, is it's transportation program. This means if you find an animal online that's in the Mojave shelter, the County will transport it  to the Bakersfield shelter. This way you can meet and interact with the animal, without having to drive to Mojave. Officials with the County said they'll also transport animals from Bakersfield to Mojave.

If you're interested in adopting an animal, and would like to see a full list of what's available, go to:

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