Kern County Animal Control receives triple the animals during firework season

Hundreds of pets escape during firework season

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "Monday night there were fireworks being set off just down the street and I didn't really pay any attention to it but about an hour later when I went to bring him in to feed him he was just gone".

Monday night Mandi Kissack learned what it's like to lose a pet during firework season.

"Ziggy is super important, he's our only kid", Kissack said.

She's not alone, Kern County Animal Control receives hundreds of scared and frightened pets who run after hearing the roar of fireworks.

Kern County Animal Control Spokesperson Maggie Kalar said, "last year on July 5th we took in 255 dogs and cats so it's an incredible amount of animals coming into the shelter. The year prior to that we took in 236 dogs and cats".

But Kissack's story has a happy ending, Wednesday afternoon Ziggy was found several miles from home and is now back in his yard where he belongs with his family playing fetch.

"He was a little bit scared like he was in trouble but then he laid in the car like he was ready to go home", Kissack explained.

To keep your pets safe this Fourth of July animal control wants you to bring your pets inside during the firework displays, turn on music or the tv to distract them from the booms and incase they do escape make sure all their tags and information are up to date.

You can also get your pet microchipped for free at Kern County Animal Control for free during regular business hours.


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