Kern County child abuse report card shows over 4k children victims

Report shows infants are most vulnerable

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - In a report regarding child abuse in Kern County, officials said that 18,329 children were reported as allegedly suffering from child abuse and neglect.

On April 29, at about 10:00 a.m., the Kern County Network for Children released the 2013 Kern County Report Card .

The 15th annual edition updates more than 150 data indicators on child and family well-being including: family economics, education, child/adolescent health, child safety and at-risk youth behavior.

This year's report card also raises the visibility of key issues affecting the safety of the community's children, specifically child abuse and neglect.

"For many, the maltreatment of children can be very difficult to talk about," said Tom Corson, Executive Director for KCNC .  "It may be more difficult to acknowledge that children regardless of age, gender or socioeconomic status, are abused and neglected every day in Kern County."

The 2013 report card also showed:

  • 4,073 Kern County children-11 children each day- were confirmed as victims of child abuse and neglect

  • Younger children, particularly infants younger than one-year-old, are the most vulnerable to abuse an neglect at a rate nearly three times the county's overall rate

  • During 2012, five Kern County children died, nine nearly died, and 18 suffered severe injuries as a result of child abuse or neglect--31 of these 32 children were under the age of four years

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