Kern County deputies are conducting homicide investigation but have not ruled the death a homicide


Mystery surrounds the death of an elderly man Monday night.

Kern County deputies said they are investigating the death as a homicide but have not yet ruled it a homicide.

The coroner’s office has not determined the cause of death.

Today, 23ABC spoke to people who live in the home about what they think happened.

People in this neighborhood near pioneer and morning drive have more questions than answers about the death of a 78-year-old man.

The Kern County Sheriff's Office said Antonio Perez was found dead in a casita behind this home Monday night.

We spoke to Jessica Mendoza who said she lives in the home.

Mendoza said the victim was a friend of her fathers and had been staying in the one room home since late last summer.

She was home last night when Perez was found.

Mendoza said she has been feeling guilty about the death.

Deputies said the victim had obvious signs of trauma.

It’s still not clear if someone killed Perez or something else happened.

Deputies are asking anyone with any information about the case to give them a call.

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