Kern County Fair workers arrested for drug use

KCSO continues to patrol fair

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - In the last week, the Kern County Sheriff's Office has arrested two Kern County Fair workers in possession of or under the influence of drugs. 

According to police records, the first worker, La Shawda Bennett, was arrested after failing a random drug test on Monday. The second worker, Troy Harris was arrested for possession of meth and drug sales, Wednesday night. 

"Unfortunately its not that unusual the fair employs a lot of people out here," said Tim Melanson with the Kern County Sheriff's Office. 
Typically when deputies arrest someone they do not notify their employer, but KCSO makes an exception to that rule at the fair. 
"Whenever a carnival worker is arrested its a public safety issue. We don't want anyone we arrested for being on drugs to be out here putting kids on rides," said Melanson. 
Fair goers said that the recent arrest does make them worried for every ones safety. 
"It makes me very come in and pay money to have a good time and then find out that you may not be safe while you are trying to enjoy yourself," said Julie Dalke, who attended the fair today. 
Yet, deputies reassure people that the fair is safe as they continue to have a very heavy presence around the area until the fair ends. 
Most of the fair's hiring is done by a company known as Butler Amusements. Every employee must pass a drug test before they are hired and are even subject to random test while they are employed. 
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