Kern County farmer worried that orchard won't survive drought

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A farmer from Kern County is worried for his farms due to the lack of water.

Greg Tesch who has two small farms; one near Lamont and the other one near Mettler said that both are in danger this year.

Tesch said he can usually get water from one of his neighbors, but he said this year they are not offering any water to him because they're are low.

Tesch said he is trying to keep one of his orchards alive by trucking in water from almost 20 miles away.

Tesch said that the orchard will not produce fruit this year, but he hopes he can help the trees survive until next year.

Tesch told 23ABC that a portion of the trees in the orchard are already dead and said he will simply have to replace them.

The canal Tesch relies on for water is fed by Lake Isabella, but like Isabella is very low right now.

23ABC spoke with the Army Corps of Engineers who said that the low levels in the lake right now are due to the result of extreme drought here in Kern County.

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