Kern County Fire Department plays host to firefighters from around the world

BAKERSFIELD - The Kern County Fire Department hosted several firefighters from Spain, Canada, Seattle and Colorado today. 

In a 800 square foot 'house' the firefighters learned about positive pressure attacks. Through using fans the firefighters were able to control the path of a fire, while also creating a higher level of visibility when attacking the flames. 

The tactic is designed to limit structural damage, while ultimately increasing the number of lives saved. 

Retired Kern County Fire Battalion Chief Cliff Allmon is credited with pioneering the concept. The class was instructed by battalion chiefs Kriss Garcia and Reinhard Kauffmann of the Salt Lake City Fire Department. 

The techniques learned today will now be taken back to Spain, Canada and around America. The international firefighters said they plan on teaching the positive pressure attack tactics to their colleagues once they return home. 

Kern County Fire Department officials said lessons learned today will be used almost immediately here in the area, and similar methods have been in place for several years already. The reusable structure used for the training stands at KCFD's Olive Drive Fire Training Facility. Local firefighters will be able to use the structure and receive similar training in the future. 


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