Kern County Fire Department urges homeowners to reduce hazards around their home

BAKERSFIELD - The Kern County Fire Department is making sure residents around the county have prepared their homes for fire season.

Homeowners will have until June 15 to make sure their property is in compliance with state and county fire hazards. Once the date hits residents will be cited if they have not made the proper modifications to their homes.

Scott Paine, Hazard Reduction Coordinator with KCFD, said the idea is not to cite people but rather educate the community on how they can help save their homes from possible wild fires.

“We want people to be educated on how and what they need to do to save their homes,” said Paine.

Firefighters inspect nearly 25,000 to 30,000 homes every year in Kern County.

Lisa Gonzales, homeowner in Alpine Forest, said she appreciates the work done by the fire department because her mountain community is extremely susceptible to wild fires.

“I think if people get enough fines they’ll realize it has to be done,” said Gonzales.

Homeowners need to have tree limbs cleared at least 10 feet away from roofs or chimneys. There should be an 100 feet defensible space around your home (free of combustible materials and vegetation).

Homeowners can face up to $250 dollars for their first citation. If not cleared after the asked period of time, homeowners will receive an additional $500 citation. 

The Kern County Fire Department provide a list of hazard reduction providers in your area.

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