Kern County Fire Fighters continue to battle Grand Fire in Frazier Park and Lebec

Fire has burned more than 3,000 acres

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. - It's been a busy day for area fire crews that spent part of the day controlling a brush fire in the hills above Frazier Park and Lebec.

The Grand Fire has already burned more than 3,000 acres and is only 10 percent contained.

It all started around noon Wednesday threatening area homes, businesses, and even a school as about five hundred fire fighters battled the windy conditions to control this fast moving brush fire.

Wendy Watson says she’s been watching the fire very closely.

"The fire, just kind of started growing, coming southbound up over the mountain and on my way home I realized it was looking like it was close to my son's high school," she said.

Strong winds pushed the grand brush fire across the hills above Frazier Park.   It moved so quickly that nearby schools had to be evacuated.

"As a community member it’s scary, my child is safe, all the other kids are safe, I’m not afraid for him. Our firefighters do such an awesome job keeping the residential area safe," said Watson.

At least five air tankers, four helicopters and hundreds of fire personnel worked to control the blaze.

"They have been very effective at the edge of the fire. You can see them they are dropping water constantly, we have two types of helicopters here, one that carries approximately three gallons at a time and can drop that as a line and then we have what is referred to as a sky crane, a type one helicopter of about a thousand gallons can be so much affective," said Capt. Sean Collins of the Kern County Fire Department.

Hunter Lannon was in class when the fire began.

“We got a call throughout all the classes, that we needed to stay in class no matter what," he said.

He was one of the students evacuated from the area.  Luckily, fire crews say his school building and the parking areas are non-compostable and not likely to burn.

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