Kern County Firefighters warn residents of firefighter impersonators along Fairfax Avenue

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Kern County Fire Department is warning residents of two men believed to be impersonating firefighters and requesting to enter homes along Fairfax Avenue. 

According to KCFD officials, dispatch received a call from a resident on the 5300 block of Fairfax Avenue around 3 p.m. about two men wearing blue uniforms with badges asking to check the smoke detectors inside their home.

The resident let the two men in, allowed them to inspect the home and then the men left the house.

Fire dispatchers received reports that the same two men attempted entry for an “inspection” into another home in the area but neighbors became suspicious and called 911.

The Kern County and Bakersfield City Fire Department Firefighters can be identified by an official fire department identification card with their picture and department contact information and a uniform with official badge.

Firefighters will never do unsolicited visits to any private residences and will never ask for money.

If someone is attempting entry into your property without permission, immediately dial 911 and do not let them into your home.

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