Kern County Korean War Veteran gets big surprise by community groups

OILDALE, Calif. -  

The Kern County Armed Forces Support Riders are helping build a new future for a local hero and his family.

Volunteers spent six days working on building this new wheel chair ramp allowing this Korean War veteran to have better and easier access inside his home.

United States Army Veteran Marvin Carter lost his legs five years ago, and is still adjusting to his scooter, which takes the 82-year-old just about everywhere.

“It’s been hard. You can’t do a lot of things. You got to plan ahead,” said Carter.

Carter suffers from peripheral artery disease.  His legs had to be amputated and that meant making a few adjustments.

“I have no feet to put on the ground to catch my balance so, I can’t bend over. Getting in and out of a car is hard because I have to do it with one arm,” he said.

Carter moved into his home in 1972.  His wife, Dorris helps him get around, but now the Kern County Armed Forces Support Riders through the veteran’s collaborative is making him more independent.

“It means a lot,” he adds.

The group raised money for the project, but were surprised with a big donation from The Home Depot.  Store managers gave volunteers the supplies to build the ramp.

“We started by doing escort rides for the recruits and we’re still doing that but you know it’s like we have to take care of these guys that set the stage for us,” said Ben Patten, Kern County Armed Forces Support Riders.

The riders used the money raised to build a second ramp.  It was installed inside the home, making it easier for Carter to move around his home.

“It’s so overwhelmingly gratifying to take care of these people, you know, I mean he’s 82-years-old. He’s the same age as my dad and I know if my dad was like this, mom couldn’t get him in and out.  So, to be able to step up and help out in this community, the way the community steps up and helps out, again it’s overwhelming,” said Patten.

Carter says he’s very happy with how things turned out and will now be able to spend more time outside, enjoying the weather.


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