Historic Kern County one-room schoolhouse one of smallest in Calif.

Eight kids enrolled in Blake School District

WOODY, Calif. - It's not typical these days to come across a one room schoolhouse, but if you drive through Woody you will.

Blake Elementary is nestled in the small ranching community about 35 miles northeast of Bakersfield. Only eight students are enrolled in the school, ranging from Kindergarten through Eighth grade.

"When we go on field trips and you see the huge school busses and you see my teacher's little car because we can all fit in there, we're like, 'wow we're small,' it's funny," said 7th-grader Samantha Carver.

Blake Elementary is the only school in the Blake School District, making it one of the smallest districts in the state of California, according to the California Department of Education.

"Blake Elementary is exactly like it was probably 150 years ago, except we have modern technology with computers, a library, school lunches and you don't have to ride your horse to school, but you could if you wanted to," said school secretary Erin Rogers.

The school employs one credentialed teacher/principal Dawn Carver; and the other two employees; they also wear many hats.

"I'm the secretary, I'm the lunch lady, I'm playground monitor, school nurse and I go to the dump," said Rogers.

The original Blake Schoolhouse is over 100 years old and still sits on school grounds but is no longer used as a classroom because it is not retrofitted for earthquakes, said Rogers. The schoolhouse has since been turned into a school library and office.

Class is now held next door in a bungalow.

"We have a one room and everybody learns in the same room," said teacher Dawn Carver. "It's all state adopted curriculum and we have the same standards as any other school."

But what makes this school different from the others is the close bond between the students and staff.

"It's like having a family," said Carver.


In fact, more than half of the students are family.

"I kind of say I'm lucky because big schools there's a lot of kids so I think I'm lucky because there's only 8 kids and I think that's really neat," said Samantha Carver.

To learn more about Blake School District visit www.http://kcsos.kern.org/blakesd/



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