Kern County Raceway Park getting set for opening races, dealing with Caltrans on final issue

Caltrans wants longer turn lanes into park

BAKERSFIELD - In about 4 weeks the race cars are set to be zipping around the Kern County Raceway.

This week though, track owner James Vernon has been dealing with Caltrans and one last minute item on his to do list.

The park's entrance is just off of the intersection of Enos Lane and Intersate 5. 


Caltrans has told the raceway that the turn lanes into the park need to be extended and a median installed, as to best deal with raceday traffic congestion. 
Vernon said that he has a contractor set to take care of the road work, he is just waiting on the permit from Caltrans and the park should be able to open on-time. 
"Its all being done right now," Vernon said. "They're bringing the permit out and getting ready to start on it right away. So it shouldn't be too long, however long it takes to do it. We have to have it done before we can race. We have to be able to get the people in and out like they're supposed to. We don't want any delays."    


Caltrans said that it wants the track to be able to open on time, but needs to make sure that the roadway in front of the park is safe and efficient. 
Vernon said while the permit is on its way, final work and testing is being done on the rest of the park. Concessions, suites and bathrooms are being finished right now. 
Final testing of the racetrack is coming up and tickets should go on sale a couple weeks before the first races on April 20. 


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