Kern County residents turn to "drought shaming" to conserve water

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - As the drought continues to plague Kern County, many people are now turning to a new trend known as "drought shaming" in hopes of conserving water.

"Drought shaming" is a term being used on social media to call out businesses, homes or even your own neighbor, if you feel like they are wasting water.

"You're putting people on blast so it's probably the best thing to do, so, that they can start realizing they need to change," said Bakersfield resident Jose Poblano.

While you can find many people "drought shaming" across social media, some residents believe its a snitch system. 

"I think it's up to each person to do what's necessary...I don't think they need somebody policing them like their neighbors," said Bakersfield resident Herb Gibbs. 
Water companies across town are also dealing with "drought shaming".
"We have been receiving calls from customers just to let us know about their neighbors wasting water," said Tim Ruiz, general manager at The East Niles Services Community District.
Ruiz said the East Niles water provider has responded to many leaks and water wasters in the last several weeks, but does not believe they are creating an impact on water conservation. 
"When people are calling in to complain about their neighbors...are they creating an affect as far as conserving water? I don't think so," said Ruiz. 
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