Kern County residents want more snow

Winter storm cancels classes

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. - Students in Frazier Park spent the day playing in the snow and walking around town since classes were canceled due to the winter storm.

"I  woke up at 5:21 this morning and I was hoping there was no school and I got up and saw the snow coming down," said Frazier Park Elementary student Knight Jareck.

Frazier Park Elementary is just one of many schools in Kern County that closed Wednesday because of the icy conditions, but the snow melted quickly.

"It's now what we expected," said Tehachapi resident Joey Armstrong.

Armstrong told 23 ABC that he came to Frazier Park because he was hoping to see some snow and thought it was going to snow a lot more than it did.

"I was disappointed. I was hoping for more snow."

Armstrong also said he has lived in Frazier Park before and he remembers about 18 inches of snow falling there three years ago.

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