Kern County School District sees large educational cuts by sequestration

47 Kern County Schools preparing for budget cuts


Under sequestration the government wants to stop any potential spending regarding education. The federal cuts expected this Friday will kill eight percent of California's education budget.
The Kern County Assistant Superintendent Mary Barlow said that schools are already preparing.
"I do know that superintendents and chief business officials have not only been monitoring the budget but looking at alternative ways, contingency plans to continue those very critical programs that they want to offer students."
One estimated cut would be taking away the 91 million dollar Title 1 Elementary and Secondary Education Act intended to improve education for disadvantaged students.
"It' meets the needs for those disadvantage students who are economically disadvantaged and may not have the same opportunities as other students. Teachers are actually allocated to that funding. It's a very specific pot of funding for meeting the needs for those students" Marlow added. 
State superintendent Tom Torlakson urged today to pass legislation to repeal the budget cuts. 
Torlakson stated in a letter to congress that "after years of extensive state and federal budget cuts to education, these cuts will devastated communities across California" 
Marlow further stated that reductions are not easily and that teachers and staff are already devastated. 
Two Kern County Schools have already seen the cuts, the other 45 will see the effects during the 2013-2014 school year.
Further education budget cuts in California will include a 72 million dollar cut in special education funding for programs that serve the needs of students with disabilities along with a 9.6 million dollar cut in funding for English language learners.
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