Kern County schools prepared for shooter situation


Local schools are getting a wave of questions about security in the wake of Friday’s shooting in Connecticut.

Parents everywhere are understandably on edge after this tragedy.

Kern County schools want parents to know they have plans in place should the unthinkable happen.

23ABC spoke to Panama-Buena Vista and Norris School districts about how they would handle a school shooting.

The main defense for schools is the lockdown.

Suspect searches in neighborhoods near schools trigger a few lockdowns a year in our area.

It’s the same procedure that would be used if there were a shooter on campus.

Officials say in today's schools, lockdown drills are more common than a fire drill.

School officials say the tragedy is an example of why most schools have such rigid rules for any campus visitor.

In the Norris School District, all parents will be getting a call in hopes of calming fears for parents and letting them know their child's school is secure.

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