Kern County Sheriff's Deputies are on patrol after Oildale Purge rumors surface over social media

OILDALE, Calif. - There is extra patrol in Oildale after an Internet rumor surfaces about the Purge, taking place during all hours of the night. 

Based on the movie where for 12-hours there are no laws or emergency services and everything up to and including murder is allowed.

The Purge in Oildale has created concerns for neighbors and also for deputies who are taking this hoax very seriously.

Business owner Juanita Bradshaw is concerned for her safety after reading a post on Facebook about the Purge coming to Oildale.

"I feel like it's a couple of radicals that are idiots and they want to cause trouble and it's going to make it difficult for everybody," said Bradshaw who owns Fashion Plus Size.

Bradshaw is equipped with security at her boutique and doesn't feel the need to close early.  She says the rumors of a 12-hour break from no laws and no emergency services, gives Oildale a bad rap.

“I think there is so much negativity about Oildale and it's really sad because Oildale is not as bad as everybody portrays it to be," she said.

The post shows a disturbing image of a person hiding behind a mask promoting the Purge August 29th from 6 p.m. To 6 a.m.  It quickly went viral.

One person on twitter writes: "The purge in Oildale will consist of robbing a 7 eleven and stealing items to make methamphetamine.”

Another says: "I'm ready for Oildale tonight."

Someone else wrote: “I can't wait to Purge in Oildale."

A woman on Twitter writes: “My dad is loading up all our guns just in case the Oildale Purge is real."

"I think people have just allowed it to get out of hand," said Eddie Melville, Oildale resident.

"I think it's funny, but at the same time I'm kind of scared that all these people are going to take it seriously," said Kristina Herrera who just moved to Oildale.

The Kern County Sheriff's Office is looking into the matter.  The department has assigned a handful of deputies and says crime in the area will not go unchecked.

"Some people have a hard time differentiating between fantasy and reality," said Ray Pruitt, information officer for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies call the rumor an online hoax and residents say they're not too worried about it.

“Based on a movie, I think it's kind of stupid and immature, like high school stuff. If you take Hollywood serious then you're not going to take reality serious," said Jonathan, a resident of Oildale.

Extra enforcement in Oildale continues throughout the night and into the Labor Day weekend.


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