Kern County sheriff's helicopter forced to make hard landing

A sergeant sustained minor injuries after a Kern County Sheriff's helicopter was forced to make an emergency hard landing east of Tehachapi Thursday morning, according to Sergeant Raymond Pruitt. 

Pruitt says Air 1 was transporting an injured K-9 to a veterinary hospital in the Antelope Valley when it was forced to land east of Tehachapi near Highway 58.

He says the forced landing  might have been caused by bad weather conditions, as strong gusts of wind overtook the helicopter. 

After landing, the wounded K-9 was transported to a veterinary in Lancaster, where the helicopter was originally headed. 

The dog had originally suffered a gun shot wound after a deputy-involved shooting took place Wednesday in Oildale, where a man was shot and killed by deputies. 

Surgeons at the Lancaster veterinary decided not to perform surgery and sent the K-9 back to Bakersfield, where he was later transported to veterinary hospital in for a surgery that will be performed today. 

Pruitt says the helicopter was damaged but the pilot was able to regain control of Air 1 and fly it back to the Tehachapi Airport. 

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