Kern County Sheriff's Narcotic officers locate over 1,100 marijuana plants

Part of the 12 plant per parcel ordinance

Kern County - Kern County Sheriff's Narcotic officers located over 1,100 marijuana plants after serving four search warrants in Northern Kern County, Friday.

According to the deputies, the warrants were served to determine if the individuals, who are known to be growing marijuana, were acting within the Kern County twelve plant per parcel marijuana ordinance. 

Deputies were accompanied by Kern County Code Compliance Officers. They arrested one person and gave out several citations. 

The first warrant served was near Zachary Road and Cecil Avenue, east of Delano. Deputies said they discovered about 164 marijuana plants and cited the adults on the property. 

The second warrant was served near Rowlee Road and Garces Highway, west of Delano.  Here, deputies said they located 50 marijuana plants being grown by a Bon Ratsvongsa of San Diego.

Ratsvongsa was arrested for Cultivation of Marijuana and Possession of Marijuana for Sales and transported to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Central Receiving Facility Jail.

The third warrant was served in the 4400 block of Judd Street, located east of Buttonwillow.  Deputies said they were able to find 97 plants being grown on at this residence.  

Residents were cited for violating ordinance. 

The fourth warrant was served in the 7700 block of Brandt Road, also just east of Buttonwillow.  There was 842 marijuana plants being grown in an enclosed structure.  

The property owner was issued a citation.

The cited individuals face fines up to $1,000 per plant over the county ordinance.

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