Kern County Sheriff's Office organizes special operation in Northeast Bakersfield

Bakersfield Country Club area hit the hardest


Deputies with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office are starting a special operation to help combat crime taking place in several neighborhoods.

Sheriff’s deputies began noticing an increase in crime in the country club area so; they put together a special project to reduce crime happening there by increasing their enforcement.

Deputy Justin Sawaske is noticing a change around the community.

“There are more people breaking into cars, vandalizing cars, residential burglaries that kind of stuff.  It’s happening everywhere, in all different areas of our patrol,” he said.

Over the last month, thieves looking for that right moment to steal have hit the Bakersfield Country Club area the hardest.

 “In my experience, criminals they are opportunistic.  They are looking for the easy thing when they oticed when people are gone.  Like Spring Break is coming up and a lot of people will be loading up their travel trailers and loading up their stuff.  Well, these criminals I think will watch this thing and notice this at times,” said Sawaske.

During a two-day operation, deputies with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office arrested 18 people with felony warrants, misdemeanors and even drug possession.  The youngest person was 17 and the oldest was 54.

“There’s no real specific type of person who would commit thefts or crimes of burglaries so, it takes all kinds of people,” said Lt. Dana Albro with the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say there are many ways to help keep any unwanted visitors away.

“Lock your doors.  For females, obviously take your purse out of your car at night.  If somebody’s walking by and they see a purse in a car, that makes it really available.  If you have a porch light, leave some lights on.  If you have mail or newspapers that are delivered, pick those up. Give the appearance that somebody’s actually home and staying there,” she said.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office’s special project is ongoing and more are planned in the future.

“If you’re a bad guy, you better stay out of the neighborhoods,” said Albro.

Deputies also recommend starting a neighborhood watch program where neighbors are in constant communication and always watching if there is any suspicious activity.

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