Kern County Sheriff's Office releases police audio of Ridgecrest shootout

Munoz shot and killed a woman, injured 3 others

RIDGECREST, Calif. - Kern County Sheriff's Officials have released the police audio of the chase and shootout that occurred in Ridgecrest, Calif.

Ridgecrest Police said 39-year-old Sergio Alberto Munoz of Ridgecrest shot one man, Thaddeus Meier, and killed a pregnant woman, Brittany Matheny, during the rampage, and injured two others, officials said.

The police scanner traffic from the incident starts as a Ridgecrest police officer spots a man and a vehicle wanted in connection with a shooting in Ridgecrest.

The officer follows Munoz, who notices. The trunk opens, revealing the two people inside.

"Take whatever precautions you can for the safety of the two in the trunk," an officer said on the scanner.

Munoz opens fire on the officer and various cars.

A Ridgecrest officer said they had Munoz on the phone. Officers said he talked about the shooting.

Officers were given permission to use force to end the chase.

"Ridge 4 paul sam 1 take whatever intervention you need to take to stop him," an officer said on the scanner.

The requested all hands on deck, calling in Ridgecrest units who were not on duty.

"If he gets up to where all these vehicles are stopped and he starts shooting we are going to have to take him out," an officer said.

Munoz began firing into the trunk from the drivers' seat. That is when officers and sheriff's deputies shoot and kill him.

The two in the trunk were struck by gunfire. 

Meier has been released from the hospital. The two other victims are recovering in Antelope Valley Hospital.

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