Kern County Sheriff's Office riddled with dentention deputy arrest in last few years

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Over the last several years, the Kern County Sheriff's Office has seen a number of detention deputies arrested for many different criminal charges. 

In 2005, five detention deputies were arrested in the beating death of James More at the downtown jail. Two of the officers were sentenced to prison for their role in that incident.

A few years ago, detention deputy Marget Young  was arrested for having sexual relations with an inmate. A month later, deputy Anthony Lavis was accused of assaulting four inmates and groping one female inmate while in the shower. 

Kern County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Francis Moore said cases like these have tainted the public's perception about the department.  

"What do people remember, its the things that are out of the ordinary, it's the man bites dog, not the dog bites man, that's what people remember," Moore said. 

Moore explained that even though some deputies have broken the law, most still remain in compliance with the code of ethics. 

There are about 400 detention deputies in the Kern County Sheriff's Office and once they have broken the law they won't be asked to return to work. 


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