Kern County Veterans Collaborative: Veterans are wanted for work

Employers shouldn't fear PTSD, TBI

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Getting veterans back to work, that was the topic of today's meeting of veterans organizations, members of the community, and local lawmakers.

Some 30,000 veterans return to California every year.

Troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan have highest rates of unemployment, about 25 percent.

The focus of today's meeting was finding work for those unemployed veterans.

Deborah Johnson, with the Kern County Veterans Collaborative said there are many companies and organizations that want to hire vets.

There is a growing concern over soldiers suffering from PTSD but Johnson wants to make sure the community doesn't turn away from vets out of fear.

"It is important to make sure the community understands this population," said Johnson.  "They are afraid of it.  They hear things on the news about PTSD and TBI and they want to stay away from veterans and have concerns.  This is not the case."

The collaborative and other groups are working to make sure Kern County's veterans stay connected with the community and employers who want to hire them.

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