Kern County wants to encourage urban farms

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A new state law allows residents to get a property tax break for planting urban gardens, and Kern County leaders are jumping on board.

The new law applied to parcels of land 3 acres or less in urban areas.

It is up to cities and counties to decide if they want to offer the tax breaks.

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Kern County Supervisor Mike Maggard said he plans to encourage both the county and the city to approve the law because he said it is a positive thing for everyone involved.

"It is a healthy way to bring good produce to those same families that are struggling, many of them to have good food," Maggard said. "A community garden is a gift of opportunity, we're giving the opportunity to people to help themselves by going to work on this little piece of land growing their own goods, so a community garden is a good opportunity for everybody."

Maggard said he plans to have the Board of Supervisors take a look at the issue soon and will recommend the city do the same.


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