Kern High School District issues statement regarding Connecticut elementary school shooting

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - 23ABC news asked the Kern High School District what its plans were after the recent massacre at Sandy Hawk Elementary School in Connecticut.

John Teves, public information officer for the district said:

Anyone who works at any school in America, including the KHSD, has been deeply saddened and badly shaken by the mass murder in Connecticut on Friday of so many innocent children and women.
  The Kern High School District has at every campus one or more very competent counselors  who will remain available throughout the week to meet the needs of any student or staff member.
  More than ever, we in the KHSD are grateful that we have at every campus an armed, Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified police officer. Such a presence might have been helpful at Sandy Hook. But who would think such a presence was needed at K-4 school? However, in the weeks to come, we will be reexamining our security procedures in an effort to improve upon them with the benefit of the painful lessons learned at Sandy Hook.
   As wounded as we all are psychologically by what happened, we do not have the luxury of time for much else this week. This is “Finals Week” district wide. The first semester ends Friday. Thousands of students – freshmen to seniors will be taking - all week long  - tests of great significance. The test results will determine if some students pass or fail a class. The results of the tests could determine if some students are going to graduate on time or not. The results of scores on these tests taken by other students could determine which college or university they are accepted to and how much in scholarships they are awarded.
   It has been the experience of the KHSD that sometimes a return to normalcy can be helpful after so horrific an experience. It is our hope that will prove to be the case this week.

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