Kern Medical Center faces budget discrepancies, Board of Supervisors removes CEO

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Millions of dollars are missing from the Kern Medical Center budget and the Kern County Board of Supervisors is looking for answers.

In a closed session, the Board removed CEO Paul Hensler.

"The Board has lost confidence in Paul Hensler's ability to continue managing Kern Medical Center," Board of Supervisors Chairman Mike Maggard said on behalf of the Board. "Accordingly, the Board has terminated Mr. Hensler's contract immediately and he is dismissed immediately."

The missing funds are a large sum because of an inaccurate accounting situation. The hospital accounting staff may have overstated the revenue processed.

The Board of Supervisors has put an immediate hold on KMC spending, which could affect patient care.

Hensler said the problem stems from poor oversight of the financial department and took full responsibility.

An auditor said the hospital did not use best practices for keeping account of the financial information.

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