Kern Schools Federal Credit Union helps families financially prepare for school

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Classes will be back in session soon, and Kern Schools Federal Credit Union is helping families be financially ready.

Barrel of Apples is an event that welcomes teachers and students back to school.

Many families were on hand to learn about the importance of having a well-balanced checking account and the many programs and services available through the credit union.

Teachers learned about retirement plans, while students and their parents received information on how to financially prepare for college.

"In today's world financial planning is critical to your success in life. We mentioned students going away to college, preparing for that early in life, and retirement is another mile stone event in life that you want to prepare for," said Michael George of Kern Schools Federal Credit Union.

Students had the chance to color while the adults spent time talking about money.

This is the second year for the event.


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