Kidnapping suspect's son speaks out

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Was it a plan with good intentions gone wrong?

A Bakersfield teen says he's in love with the girl his mom is suspected of kidnapping.

14-year-old Jaidyn Bendocchi was found inside the east Bakersfield apartment on Tuesday night after being taken from her home in Idaho.

"She told me he was beating her. Calling her names,” said Christian Alvarado.

With her clothes still hanging in his bedroom closet and her inhalers on his shelf, 15-year-old Christian Alvarado says he fell in love with Bendocchi after meeting her online through an XBOX gaming system.

After hearing stories from the girl about an unhappy home-life, Christian says it became his family's mission to bring her to Bakersfield from Idaho.

Federal authorities said they believe the boy's mother, 45-year-old Lillie Alvarado bought a train ticket to Spokane, WA last Friday.  From Spokane, Alvarado rented a car and drove to Coeur d' Alene. Jaidyn's father was at work when she arrived to Idaho, taking Jaidyn back to Spokane, where they both boarded a train to Bakersfield.

"It was in a rush. I just got all the information. My mom got most of it, but as a kid I did what I could,” said Christian.

On Tuesday night, the FBI assisted in taking Jaidyn out of the east Bakersfield apartment.

"She (my mom) didn't understand, she thought she was actually doing the right thing because first of all, she felt she was saving an innocent kid from somewhere where she didn't need to be."

Idaho police said 45-year-old Lillie Alvarado was arrested on charges of second degree kidnapping. The teenage girl is in the process of being returned to her family in Idaho.

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