Kids host early Easter for seniors at Bakersfield Senior Center

Kids sang, danced, had egg hunt

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Easter is just a couple days away, but dozens of children brought an early Easter to a group of seniors this morning.

From singing, to dancing, and an improvised egg hunt, children and seniors came together for Easter at the Bakersfield Senior Center.

Irene Whitmore said she got the idea from her granddaughter.

"My granddaughter wanted to dye eggs for the center and she and I were talking and she said 'Mama let's just put on a program because you know a lot of kids' and that's what made us bring them here tonight," said Whitmore.

Dozens of students from nine different elementary, junior high, and high schools performed for the seniors.  But they were not the only ones to give.

"Some of the seniors have an opportunity to share with them wisdom and knowledge," said James Tyson, Executive Director of the Bakersfield Senior Center.  "So it's a great opportunity for them to be together in that aspect and for the young people to give back in the community as well."

Students said they were happy to oblige.

"That we get to help them and make them feel better because nobody really comes to visit them, so this is all they're really going to get," said 10-year-old Noriel Ford of Munsey Elementary.

"I think whatever attention the seniors can get is wonderful," said senior center member Ethel Dixon.  "And to be able to interact with these young children brings joy and smile.  You can see smile and laughter all over the place.  They are going to be us one day and we hope another group of kids will do for them the same."

The center said they plan to make this a yearly tradition.

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