KMC relieves chief financial officer Sandra Martin

The Kern County Board of Supervisors announced today it is canceling the employment contract of

Kern Medical Center Chief Financial Officer Sandra Martin, who had served as CFO at the hospital for one year.

Martin joined Kern Medical Center in August 2013 at a time when KMC was experiencing severe fiscal

problems. During her tenure, according to County Administrative Officer John Nilon, she helped to put the

hospital on a path toward more stable financial footing.

"During my time as Interim Chief Executive Officer of Kern Medical Center, Sandy was a valuable

member of the team," Nilon said.

"Sandra Martin helped to put KMC on more stable financial footing, but with KMC's expected

transition to a hospital authority, the majority of the Board now feels that new financial leadership is needed,"

Board of Supervisors Chairman Leticia Perez said. "Our Board wishes to thank Sandy for her commitment to

KMC, the County of Kern, and the community."

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