Known for being brown, UPS is becoming green in California

UPS adding 100 electric vehicles in California


The brown trucks zipping around Bakersfield might look the same, but don't judge a vehicle by it's paint job. 


UPS now has 14 electric trucks on the roads in Bakersfield. By June UPS says they will have 18 total in Bakersfield and 100 in California. 


"I was reserved at first. Electric, is it going to perform like I need it to perform?," said Kevin Betti, a UPS driver. "But then after getting in it, it does everything I need it to do and then some. So it works well."


No complaints from the man behind the wheel of one the new rides. Betti has been delivering packages for more than 20 years - letting him drive plenty of different UPS trucks. 


"From the old dinosaur, you're hand-cranking, no power steering - loud, noisy," Betti said. "Upgraded to the electric, low step, power steering - push button to steer to drive it basically. It's smooth and quiet."   


UPS said these new trucks are quiet on the roads and will also have a quite impact of the environment. 


"Running electric versus traditional fossil fuel we are going to save, estimate, around 126,000 gallons of fuel per year," said Dale Morin, UPS west region environmental automotive manager. 


UPS finds that the switching from the gas pump to an electric outlet means their vehicles will be spending more time on the roads instead of in the shop. 


"It's actually a little less expensive to work on them," said Robert Filosa, UPS area automotive manager for Central California. "They require a little less maintenance. Our mechanics don't have as much to do to keep them running right." 


The new electric trucks can cover about 75 miles, or up to 150 stops per day - before UPS recharges them. UPS plugs them in from 12 to 8 a.m. or off-peak hours, to cut down on the electric bill, before hitting the road for again. 

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