L.A. County pulls plug on deal to house inmates at Taft CCF

Concerns arose over Taft's lawsuit against state

BAKERSFIELD, CA - A Kern County correctional facility will remain empty for the time being.

Los Angeles County has pulled the plug on a deal reached with Taft Community Correctional Facility. 

Taft and L.A. had agreed to a $55 million deal that would have eased overcrowding in L.A. County jails and filled Taft's C.C.F. that has sat empty for two years.

Taft's Mayor Paul Linder says that L.A.'s concern over Taft's lawsuit against the state is what may have killed the deal.

Now Taft C.C.F. will try and work out a deal with the state to house nearly 600 inmates.

But before that can happen they will have to make nearly $1 million in improvements which is something the city says it can't afford.

The state will now decide whether to foot the bill and make a long term deal with Taft.

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