LA County waste causing a stink in Frazier Park

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. - Steaming piles of waste have some people in Frazier Park wondering if the law is being broken.

Residents discovered Los Angeles County sanitation trucks delivering loads of unknown substance.

Some are concerned the material could be toxic since it's coming from the Sanitation Department.

Kern County officials are investigating the situation to see what the material is where its coming from and if the man who owns the property where its being dumped has a permit.

23 ABC contacted the owner of the property near Frazier Park. He said the material is green waste and the whole situation is being blown out of proportion but he declined to answer whether or not he had the proper permits and declined to comment any further.

People in Frazier Park are angry about the situation and say even if the man has the proper permits they still don't want LA County trash here.


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