Lack of services for homeless families

Families with kids have nowhere to go

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Two families have found themselves down on their luck with nowhere to go.

Both families said they have reached out to the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, but have been turned away.

 "It's scary to be out in a vulnerable situation like this with your children and actually admit to people you need help," said Heather Stubbs.

Stubbs became homeless this week after her sister’s home went into foreclosure.

The family said they tried to do a consolidation loan that backfired. A friend has paid for the family of four to stay the night at the Motel 6. At this point, Stubbs is trying to keep a positive attitude.

 "All these chain of events, this domino effect is not anybody's fault. It just happened and we don't blame anybody," said Stubbs.

 However, she is not the only one dealing with the lack of available services at the shelter. While 23 ABC was at the motel interviewing Stubbs, another family came over to our crew. Amy Puffin said she has been dealing with the same thing. Puffin has been staying at the motel for a week with her three kids.

 "I have been turned away from the Bethany Homeless Shelter for a whole week. I keep calling every day and they keep telling me there are no beds available. We have gotten no help whatsoever," said Puffin.

Both of these families said it's a race against the clock to find shelter. They know the path they are on will lead to life on the streets, begging for food.

 "You’re scared that people think you are an unfit parent, but you are not. Sometimes things are just out of your hands," said Stubbs.

 "I am not here looking for a hand-out. I am here looking for answers that will help me get back on my feet," said Puffin.

 23 ABC tried to contact the Bakersfield Homeless Center to find out about their capacity limits, but have not heard back from them.

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