Lake of the Woods out of water, receives state funding for drilling

LAKE OF THE WOODS, Calif. - Lake of the Woods is one of the 17 places in California that will run out of water in the coming months.

The town has been dry for nearly a year, and the town is facing even more obstacles now with the state's drought crisis.

Drillers now fill the town looking to dig up water.

"As of last summer, the wells started suffering, and we had to truck water in to keep our tanks full," said Bob Stowell, president of Lake of the Woods Mutual Water Co.

The town has over 900 people and they have had water issues before this year's drought crisis.

"They were able to maintain the levels on the tanks because of winter, and the usage, we've been cutting back," said Stowell.

In July and August of last year, water had to be hauled into Lake of the Woods by the truckload from surrounding mountain communities. People living in the area say they are required to take extra steps to help conserve water like not watering their lawns, washing their cars and using as little water as possible.

Drillers in Lake of the Woods are working on digging up three new well sites.

Their goal is to "see what's down there and try and extract whatever sand or gravel or debris," said driller Jeremy Mares.

The city has received about $750,000 in state and federal funding and so far they have drilled three test holes that have all turned out to be dry.

"Came up with nothing going down about three or four hundred feet," said Stowell. "The new ones we're going down further, 1,000 to 1,200 feet to see what we can hit." 

Water officials say the current wells are able to maintain their tanks by about 80 percent but they aren't sure how long this will last.

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