Lamont School District has nearly 50 educators walking the halls of the schools they grew up in

Educators said they wanted to give back

LAMONT, Calif. -  

The Lamont School District is described by faculty and staff to be like a family, which is why nearly 50 educators were once students in the district.
Ms. Rubinol graduated from Mountain View Middle School in 1986, came back to teach in 1995 and has been teaching there ever since.
"I think that its because were more like a family out here we have that sense of community and we want to help the younger generation," Rubinol said. 
Vice Principal Kasinger graduated in 1973 and said he fell into education in Lamont but considers it fate.
Ms. Machuca credits much of her success to her coworker Ms. Rubinol who was once her teacher in 2001. She also has the pleasure to teach in the same classroom she sat in in 8th grade. 
"It's a really great feeling to be in there and say hey students i was sitting in that very desk years back and now I'm here to help you go on to the next level."
The reason these teachers chose to come back and teach in their previous schools is because they wanted to give back to the students in the same community that they grew up in. 
Mr. Kasinger said it helps him better understand the students and vice versa. 
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