Large vehicles struggle to turn on Q St. because of street improvements

Bus changed routes after construction was complete

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Buses can't make a left turn from east on 21st Street to north on Q without taking two lanes of traffic.

The Mill Creek Street scrape on Q street is pleasant to look at.

But that beauty makes it difficult to maneuver for some large vehicles.

And the reason for that?

The buses making a left turn from east on 21st to north on Q Street has to take both lanes in order to turn properly. 

The Q street improvements have added planters and a center median which causes the buses to handle that intersection with extreme care.

Additionally, the transit district had to permanently detour buses south on Q Street heading west onto 21st Street.

The city said the street is the same width as it was before the construction, but now it's a tight squeeze for buses and large vehicles between the planter and the newly formed island.

The issue came up recently for GET officials because this is part of their new route.

When they were testing those new routes this area was under construction.

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